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Sound Design

Telling Stories Through Sound

I'm a San Francisco Bay Area-based composer, sound designer, and audio engineer. But what I really do is help amazing creative professionals tell amazing stories that evoke emotional investment from their audiences.

To bring out the best in my clients' stories, I draw from an eclectic background that combines audio with narrative design; In 2010, I graduated from UC Davis with degrees in English Literature and Japanese language, an experience that shaped my audience-oriented approach to music and sound.

Over the years, I've composed music for award-winning indie games such as the Timecrest series. I've worked with international recording and performing artists both on stage and in the studio as a composer, producer, audio engineer, and session musician. I've also helped develop effective audio branding for companies like Humble Bundle, and podcasts like Seasons of Skyrend.

Everyone has a story to tell - let's tell yours, together. Let's get in touch to discuss your creative vision!

Your Story, Our Soundtrack

To tell your story best, I use proven scoring techniques to craft a nuanced soundtrack that provokes sentimental impulses, and gets your player emotionally invested in your game.

Smart Management

Through Agile methodology and SMART goal setting, I've got all your audio logistics covered - so you can spend more time developing your game, and less time micromanaging the audio.


Implementation goes beyond throwing the music in-game. Your game's audio experience is guaranteed to engage the player, fit the product brand and vision, and always “feel right!”
"Darrell is very easy to communicate with, both flexible and responsive. His works are awesome, inspiring and pioneering... modifying and building upon our proposal, but never ignoring it."

Franz Heinzer
Founder & Director, Lanze Games

"I've known Dibur for long time, and he and I are on the same wavelength regarding the styles of video game music. This is why I entrusted him with being part of a very important and personal project of mine, and he continues to impress me with each track he puts out for the project."

Danny Henderson
Lead Developer, Sacred Star Team
"I’m incredibly happy that I had found someone that can collaborate with me, and take the creative freedom I like to give, and run with it and keep coming up with amazing ideas."

Michael Luyties
"We’ve been using Dibur’s music for the Humble streams for over a year now. I love starting up the stream with a recognizable tune each month! The community enjoys it as well."

Whitney Stutes
Marketing Manager, Humble Bundle

Select Credits

  • Timecrest: The Door (Mobile Game, TBA) - Soundtrack composer
  • Battle of the Bands (PC Game, 2022) - Soundtrack composer/lyricist
  • Yandere Simulator (PC Game, TBA) - Main theme composer/lyricist
  • Star Chaser Story: First Flight (PC Game, TBA) - Soundtrack composer
  • The Donnerwald Experiment (PC Game, 2020) - Soundtrack composer
  • Koruldia (PC Game, 2020) - Soundtrack composer
  • Magical Warrior Diamond Heart (PC Game, 2020) - Co-composer
  • Roomie Romance (PC Game, 2019) - Main theme composer
  • Interlunium - "Sweets For Two" (Idol Group, 2019) - Composer, arranger
  • PhEri - "Pheri Dust" (Idol Group, 2018) - Composer, arranger
  • Interlunium - "Intergalactic Disco" (Idol Group, 2017) - Composer, arranger
  • Humble Bundle (2017) - Stream BGM and promo jingle composer
  • Space Jammers (PC Game, 2017) - Co-composer
  • Dragon Essence (PC Game, 2017) - Main theme composer/lyricist
  • Seasons of Skyrend (Podcast, 2017) - Main theme composer
  • Coast in the Clouds - The Departure (Rock band, 2017) - Recording/mix engineer
  • DigRun (Mobile Game, 2015) - Soundtrack composer

Let's Get In Touch

For all inquiries, please get in touch via email:, or via Discord: dibur#5305