About Me

Darrell Reconose, game music wizard, at your service!

I’m a composer with an interest in the symbiotic relationship between music and storytelling. I graduated from University of California, Davis, where I studied English literature and creative writing – an invaluable experience that shaped my perspective on storytelling.

An avid learner, I taught myself composition, music theory, and music technology. I have performed in orchestras, jazz ensembles, and bands in a plethora of genres such as metal, pop, and funk.

My first mobile game project, DigRun, went on to rank #23 in the Japanese Google Play store, earning praise for its gameplay and music. I’m now working on a myriad of upcoming indie games such as Koruldia HeritageStar Chaser Story: First FlightTimecrest, and The Donnerwald Experiment.


That’s cool and all, but what the heck is a “Dibur”?

When I used to sing in a rock band, I used my initials – “DBR” – as a stage name. The emcees would try to pronounce it as an actual word, and before I knew it, everyone started calling me “Dibur”.

The moral of the story? Sometimes, you just gotta let others do your branding for you!