(Or, “What the Heck is a Dibur?”)

Darrell Reconose, video game composer at your service!

Armed with a natural flair for melody and a methodical approach to the cacophonous challenges of game development, I’m ready to help with any audio needs.

Shortly after opening up shop as a freelance composer, I scored my first two mobile games, Sticky Monsters and DigRun – the latter of which went on to rank #23 in the Japanese Google Play store, earning a nearly perfect rating. I then contributed a guest track in the style of Castlevania to the indie smash hit Yandere Simulator, amassing nearly 900,000 YouTube views.

Dramatic, melody-centric orchestrations crafted to evoke an emotional response are my forte. I also love to compose hard-hitting rock/metal music, as well as songs influenced by J-Pop and anime. That said, I can work in virtually any style, or combination thereof.




That’s cool and all, but what the heck is a Dibur”?

Back in my days as a starving and down on his luck singer aspiring rock star, I used my initials – “DBR” – as a stage name. One day at a gig, the emcee introduced me to the stage and tried to pronounce “DBR” as an actual word – “Dibur”. My friends in attendance never let me live it down, and soon enough, all my friends, my family, even my employers started calling me Dibur. It became so associated with my music, that it was only natural to adopt it and make it my own. I guess that’s branding for ya!