Darrell Reconose, game music wizard, at your service! ♪

I’m a self-taught composer with an interest in the psychological effects of audio on the player’s gaming experience.

Growing up as a first generation immigrant, I considered myself lucky to have been gifted a Super Nintendo by my parents one Christmas. That little gray box taught me what makes a melody memorable – a practice I continue to implement, and the basis of my approach to composition.

Shortly after officially opening up shop in 2014, I scored my first two mobile games, Sticky Monsters and DigRun – the latter of which went on to rank #23 in the Japanese Google Play store, earning a nearly perfect rating. I’m now working on a slew of upcoming indie games such as Koruldia HeritageStar Chaser Story: First FlightTimecrest, and The Donnerwald Experiment.

My current focus lies in dramatic, meloldy-centric orchestrations, as well as all types of music in the Japanese and Korean music & games industries. That said, my diverse background has equipped me with the ear and gear to compose in any genre.



That’s cool and all, but what the heck is a “Dibur”?

I used to sing in a rock band (until I took an arrow to the— oh, nevermind). Back then, I used my initials – “DBR” – as a stage name. Of course, the emcees would try to pronounce it as an actual word, and before I knew it, everyone from my friends to employers started calling me “Dibur”. The association was too strong to fight… So I ran with it! How’s that for branding?