Music that gets you invested

As game developers, we are telling a story. And we want the player to be in it for the long haul – we want the player to be emotionally invested. When the player is emotionally invested, they will come back to play your games, time and again!

Across all types of media, music has proven to be an effective tool to cultivate this emotional investment – but how? Great music alone won’t cut it.

I believe these sentimental responses are best provoked through dynamic yet subtle musical techniques; through in-game experiences that are underscored by a highly nuanced soundtrack. And that is my specialty!

A Symphonious System

Us game developers are an inherently busy breed. Hiring a composer and producing a full soundtrack can be a daunting venture when you’ve got a million other things to take care of.

That’s why I’m here – I’ll take care of all the backstage chaos that comes with music production, so you can focus on the fun stuff.

✓ Your World, Our Music – My mission starts with immersing myself in your project as much as possible, learning all about your creative vision while conceptualizing potential solutions to your specific musical needs.

✓ Project Management – I use Agile-inspired methods to plan, execute, and adapt throughout the development cycle. You’re always in on the loop.

✓ Flexibility – Whether you’re looking for an audio leader who can take free rein, or a collaborator who can breathe life into your existing ideas – I can help. I offer unlimited revisions, but more importantly, I’ll help identify what exactly you need, so you can save time on revisions.

Let’s make your dream soundtrack a reality; get in touch for a free consultation!


Darrell is very easy to communicate with, both flexible and responsive. His works are awesome, inspiring and pioneering. He always surprised us with exceptional results, modifying and building upon our proposal, but never ignoring it.”

Franz Heiner
Founder & Director at Lanze Games

I have had the pleasure of working with Darrell on a number of occasions, both musically and professionally, and have always been impressed with his ability to rise to the occasion. I foresee working with him again in the future.

Aaron Kelley, Drummer at Phoenix Ash

“I’m incredibly happy that I had found someone that can collaborate with me, and take the creative freedom I like to give, and run with it and keep coming up with amazing ideas. I highly recommend him and I plan on working with him on future projects.”

Michael Luyties, CTO at

“We’ve been using Dibur’s music for the Humble streams for over a year now. I love starting up the stream with a recognizable tune each month! It makes me smile, dance in my chair, and get pumped to stream. The community enjoys it as well.

Whitney Stutes
Marketing Manager at Humble Bundle