Music is a storytelling medium.

It's a tool that evokes powerful sentimental impulses that make your audience emotionally invested in your product.

Hi there! My name is Darrell Reconose, and no matter what kind of story you want to tell, you can trust me to tell it through great music. I've composed soundtracks for award-winning indie games, helped companies develop sonic branding strategies, and worked with international performing artists.

I invite you to listen to my tunes, check out my Blog for valuable tips and insights on music, audio branding, and game development, and learn more about how I work, including my 30 day zero-risk satisfaction guarantee.

Sound Design

Story-Driven Sound

I dive deep into your story's world and use proven scoring techniques to craft music that gets your audience emotionally invested in your product.

Simplifying the Process

I'll take care of all the complicated audio management logistics, so you can focus on work that matters instead of stressful micromanaging.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you aren't satisfied with the music I provide, I'll revise it as many times as needed. If you still aren't happy with it after 30 days, you get your full purchase refunded - you have nothing to lose!

Darrell "Dibur" Reconose

I make music and sound for games. But what that really means is that I help amazing creatives tell powerful and engaging stories through great audio. Living and growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have been blessed to be surrounded by vivid & colorful stories that inspire me to push my clients' creative limits.

As a self-taught musician, I am passionate about mentoring composers who are early in their careers. I run a music production Discord server affectionately titled "Weeb Composers", where a community of anime-inspired composers challenge each other and grow together in composition, production, technology, and business.

Ready to bring your dream soundtrack to life at zero risk?