• Darrell Reconose
  • Jun 16, 2020

Renewed Beginnings

Howdy! It’s probably been a while since you’ve heard from me. And for many of you, it may be your first time hearing from me. Either way, welcome to the new and improved diburmusic.com!

I’ve been keeping busy with a lot of different things - I wrote over an hour of music for an award-winning mobile game called Timecrest. I started learning programming and web development (guess who made this site? 😁), and finally began working on a longtime passion project that I’ve been putting off: making my own indie game.

I’ve opened my services up to fellow composers - if you need a hand with virtual orchestration, post-production, or perhaps need a bitchin’ guitar solo, let’s talk!

And, well, I’ve also been doing a lot of reflecting. Call it a byproduct of being quarantined.

Years ago, I was a lost, clueless, introverted kid who had no idea how to even get started working in games at all. But I made some good friends on the internet - especially in the Black game audio community - who accepted me, encouraged me, and pushed me to grow. I’m still introverted, by the way! Perhaps even moreso than before.

By happenstance, a well-known and well-beloved composer duo willingly took the time out of their hectic schedules to hang out with me, and give me some solid career advice over some good coffee.

And somehow, I found a partner who accepts me for who I am, and constantly inspires me to be a better me. If that isn’t sheer dumb luck, I don’t know what is!

Anyway, reflecting on this made me realize something that I knew all along, but should have been painfully obvious from the start:

No one is truly 100% self-sufficient..

We all have someone pushing us to greater heights. In big ways and in small ways. Even if they’re doing it indirectly.

Even if they don’t even know that we exist.

A business-savvy colleague once said, “People will bring you success.” So, I’ve decided to make it a mission to help my fellow composers, sound designers, and game developers find their success.

I plan to write at least two new blog posts a month, sharing my knowledge and resources on the technical, creative, and business aspects of game audio and game dev.

I’m no industry veteran or trailblazer. But I’ve been around the block enough to see the ups and downs of this often scary industry, amidst what is currently an even scarier world. And I want you to know that I will, as best as I can, make myself a safe space and resource to you.

I want this blog to be as helpful to game developers, composers, and sound designers as I possibly can, so if there are any topics you want to see addressed here, please feel free to reach out and let me know!

Until next time - stay safe, stay healthy, keep on creating, and keep on fighting the good fight. I’m right there with you.

About The Author

Darrell "Dibur" Reconose makes custom game audio that tells a story. An advocate for constant learning, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge with game developers and composers alike.

When he isn't crafting kickass audio or mentoring newcomers to the industry, he indulges in making an edgy RPG about magical girls. Feel free to reach out if you wanna talk game audio!