Your Mixing & Mastering Partner

We've all been there before - working tirelessly on a composition for hours, coming up with amazing ideas... But then our ears get worn out and we lose objectivity.

Sometimes we need to take a break to freshen up our ears. But often at times, looming deadlines means we have to get the track done ASAP.

That's where I come in - I can mix and/or master your track for you. Whether you need to completely hand off the post-production to someone else, or just need a fresh pair of ears to consult with, I've got you covered.

I primarily use software mixing tools by iZotope, Waves, and Soundspot - these are more than enough to give your music the professional polish it deserves.

Accessible To All Composers

Like with my virtual orchestration services, my post-production price quote will depend on how much you're getting paid for your work - this way, I can help composers at all levels and budgets. I'll revise your mix as many times as needed until you and your client are happy.

Contact Now For A Free Consultation

If you need a hand with virtual orchestrations, let's talk! I'd love to hear about your current project and how I can help you achieve musical success.