Eclectic Session Guitar - At Your Fingertips

I've been playing the electric guitar for nearly 20 years. I've performed with all kinds of bands and performing artists: rock, metal, progressive rock, funk, jazz, country, bluegrass, pop, surf, classical, Flamenco, indie, you name it.

These experiences has equipped me with a great ear for quickly learning songs, and an eclectic background that enables me to do just about anything you could need me to do on the guitar!

Tune Into Your Sound

I play a variety of high quality guitars, and use many different recording techniques from the traditional amp + mic to modern solutions like amp sims + impulse responses. When you hire me as a guitarist, I'll work carefully with you to make sure that the guitar tone and playing style fit both your vision and the song's musical and sonic qualities.

I'm also available to record bass guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, and mandolin.

Contact Now For A Free Consultation

Real guitars can make a song feel more alive and exciting. If you could use this kind of energy in your compositions, I invite you to get in touch!