Impactful Orchestrations

I know how time-consuming - and sometimes frustrating - orchestration can be. While nothing beats having a live orchestra, a well-done virtual orchestration made with state-of-the-art software is certainly the next best thing.

So whether you need to impress a potential client with a well-orchestrated composition, or deliver on an existing client project, I'm here to help!

I use a wide variety of virtual orchestral instruments by Audiobro, Soundiron, Impact Soundworks, and Auddict (just to name a few) and painstakingly humanize each individual part to make your track as organic-sounding as possible. I also use a variety of music hall, stage, and recording room impulse responses for lifelike spatial depth.

Accessible To All Composers

Every project is unique, and my price quote will scale to how much you're getting paid for your composition - this way, I can help composers at all levels and budgets. I'll revise your orchestration as many times as needed until you and your client are happy.

Contact Now For A Free Consultation

If you need a hand with virtual orchestrations, let's talk! I'd love to hear about your current project and how I can help you achieve musical success.